7 Classical LGBT Novels

Germany is certainly a LGBT stronghold, with thriving communities in all of the of Germany's urban centers. This is one reason gay vacations to some of Germany's LGBT hotspots, for example Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg are very known with travelers from around the world. Germany hosts several Pride festivals of world-renown and provides an accepting environment for gay travel during the entire country. Like in any country, city dwellers are often more accepting than rural villagers; however, overall, Germany can be a safe, accepting destination for a gay vacation.

Ugandan Gay Activist, David Kato was an Advocacy Officer at Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) founded in 2004. Kato was beaten to death in January 2011 when he was campaigning for homosexual rights. The devastating news transpired after having a national newspaper, "Rolling Stone" had published 100 pictures of "Uganda's top homos leak" with a cruel headline stating "hang them." The newspaper framed the story having a safety precaution for folks to keep their children away from the recruitment of the homosexuals.

Anyone with sense at all of sanity grieves within the sad consequences in the recently reported bullying of gay teens that resulted in their suicides. I suppose these tragic reports have caused we all to awaken a lttle bit for the bullying that's been tolerated far too long on school pride t shirt designs; https://www.amazon.com/, playgrounds, in church sanctuaries and from Christian pulpits. This madness must end.

A little background about my church, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Allentown, PA: Our parish is comprised of an aging population. Several years ago to rejuvenate our church we brought in a part-time priest that been gay. He is a very important thing to take place to the church recently. He is charismatic and engaging. He has brought an extremely needed energy to some church on life support. Every year, Fr. Scott has led the diocese to participate with this festival.

Watching gay women fight for their to certainly live, ignore the directly to vote or marry to their partners but actually LIVE, it shock me stone cold. My own rage builds if you know lesbians are killed, beaten and raped because of their sexuality, although, I should not surprised as my own mother shared a similar fate on the hue of her skin.

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