What Makes Employees Feel Valued And Satisfied At Work?

Satisfied employees are vital to any firm, as they are more inclined to do their tasks efficiently, be open to new suggestions and offer happy customer service. Satisfaction, however, is not only about earnings. As well as a great salary, team members need a good work-life balance and security for their family and future. Workers also look for control over both their professional and personal lives, and don’t want stress or exhausting days. It’s vital to send out a frequent employee happiness survey and introduce additional schemes, like the ones proposed in this article, to guarantee workers feel valued.

Being allowed to work remotely is one of the key factors that influence job satisfaction. VIPKID, for example, enables people to work from anywhere on earth. This is invaluable as travelling abroad is more convenient than ever, and travellers want to see as much of the world as they can. Telecommuting means you won't have to lose workers for long durations, or entirely, if they wish to travel for a few months. Since work-life balance is one of the most important factors contributing to job satisfaction, it’s absolutely necessary that working from home is an option, as it allows people to spend more time doing hobbies, learning new skills, or having quality-time with their loved-ones. It also helps staff members to destress, since they won’t be required to deal with a long commute with hectic or delayed trains.

Promoting personal and professional development is one of the greatest ways to improve employee happiness in the workplace. A great way to do this is to cross-train staff members, giving them an understanding of different teams. This enables them to become involved in a range of projects and could very well make staff members more passionate about the firm. Businesses can also organise lectures and other talks. Magoosh, for instance, boosts employee wellbeing by hosting lunch and learn sessions; however, lectures could also be held before, after, or during work. Organisations can ask employees to discuss subject areas they’re interested in or invite an industry expert to offer new insights.

A great way to improve worker happiness is to bring in workplace wellbeing initiatives. Sibur, for example, hosts regular sports contests. This not only gets colleagues active, but also encourages them to connect and relax. An additional effective concept for an employee wellbeing programme is a cycle to work initative. This enables companies to loan bikes and safety helmets to employees as a tax-free benefit. These programmes not only encourage exercise, but also help to minimise companies’ and employees’ carbon footprints. It’s also vital to allow frequent breaks and encourage workers to leave the office and walk, cycle or run, rather than eat lunch in front of their work desk. If the workplace provides snacks, attempt to introduce some more nutritious options, like fruit and nuts, to encourage workers to make better dietary choices.

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