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We are gonna transfer over we're gonna talk to our boy, Craig Adams, here from California lighting systems, Craig you've gained quite a impressive program here and and what exactly give us a breakdown? What's what how did you enter the market? And what is your? What is your? What is your true agenda? Effectively, we started growing seriously aproximatelly 8 years back. The wife of mine convinced me to have a grow operation in the yard that has grown and grown and it is mainly a nursery business. We have mothers, clones are sold by us, for this reason we work with growers all over Southern California and then it was all about experimenting with tools and we tried metal halide, we tried HPS, we tried fluorescent t5 fluorescent and the big issue of ours was enormous heat bulbs that burned Out as soon as annually along with huge energy bills - and we kept maxing out on our the breakers of ours, hence my backgrounds kind of in electronics all instantly, but whether I experimented with several of the LEDs in those days from China. They were way overpriced and they certainly didn't didn't grow marijuana that great so that that's when we first started. I connected with a partner who was an engineer looking to do exactly the same thing and we began California light works eight years ago, really all based on LEDs and that is and that's you have an internet site in California and California. What light works? Calm right. So this has evolved quite a bit during the last eight years. I mean the. I could declare that HPS really really performs pretty well and it is kind of the standard light for bloom. Florescent works are known by you. Effectively, it's it's! What folks use for vegetable and for plants which are small, though they both have many disadvantages - a great deal of heat, a large amount of power bulbs to convert they are, not very ecological. So so how many wants? Does green living take? But the beauty the beauty about LEDs is, you can use about fifty % of the electrical power and obtain the same light output as any of those various other technologies. The you know, the LEDs themselves are a lot more efficient as much as the total amount of electricity to spend that amount of light, after which you can. This actually goes from red to pink. Well, that's the other point about all these different bulb technologies. It is actually one color spectrum and that's sort of what it's. So people were using like fluorescent or metal halide for beds, since it's a lot bluer, you have a lot better veg growth, then they'd transition over and they'd begin another room or perhaps switch the lights to metal halide. It is a lot more red and red is actually great in bloom. That is where you buy your yield, therefore the problem is wasn't really likely that a single light that could do all those jobs. So the beauty of LEDs. You are able to choose just the spectrum, get everything you. Whatever mix that best fits the plant, this is a whole new light that it truly combines everything we learned during the last eight years. This's fully programmable, therefore I can select you realize it is blue and heavy it's heavy in red. Then you've an organic in the middle and I can choose something in between where, if you are in bed you'd make use of a significantly richer, blue and tone, the red down red has a tendency to make the plants stretch of yours and get much taller where most people in beds. They want a nice bushy place with small spacing in the nodes, just the opposite in pink, a good deal of red you prefer, you would don't want a high level of pink, thus LEDs provides you with the best mix of all worlds, and with this I can actually Program over days months as well as across the whole season, the quantity of hours per day which can change eventually, I am able to slowly switch over to bloom from veg. I could have the spectrum change along those times begin like in heavy blue, but essentially work over to bloom switch over to red. You are able to even imitate sunrise sunset, so it is a more natural transition change for the plants. Let me ask you this, hence your systems today basically can easily change traditional lighting systems absolutely totally and that it won't cut your costs in in half. You realize in days gone by, LEDs were truly expensive and never able to get enough power get good yield or maybe until you paid or an extravagant amount per fixture like any anything electrical gadgets, it receives more powerful. It gets cheaper every six months so they will come now when LEDs will be going to the go to light rather than fluorescent or maybe HBS and we are essentially there today and but the fixture cost keeps going down yearly. So it is phenomenal the light output along with the price. Today, particularly if you are able to program it, you never have much more light. You could dial in just the right spectrum. You can program the whole thing, so you never have to manually. And so sorry mercy. Are you getting? Let's say several people green growers today are claiming to get 2 plus pounds a light right. Are you able to see in that identical comparison, exactly the same yield? We got growers doing eight pounds of light, that, naturally, you go yeah right, yeah right Kurt! That is in two, but that's in a greenhouse, generally, but using LEDs for a supplemental light. Indoor indoor men and women are averaging 2 pounds of light. I want to ask you this this system below together with the 2 fans. Would that be looked at one or two lights? Effectively, this is simply what this's one light this is a bat unit might produce. Potentially, this's this draws 400 watts correct, it'll produce at exactly the same level associated with a 600 watt, HBS pretty much. We come up with a 600 watt version that is going to replace one to one: a thousand watt HBS so based on that, similar to the equivalent of a thousand. What people are averaging about two pounds of light? Got you effectively? Oh yeah, with 50 % less cause just the high temperature and other you're, not spending the money on air conditioning right now I mean only the price, and lighting on it's own is fifty %. Add the heating and most of the other elements that are involved with those hot lights, I'm never having a changeable and don't handy and that's a lifetime light there. You could blue for 20 years without without stopping that is somewhat nice, but provide you with an illustration. When I went when it my nursery business, we'd aproximatelly fifty eight light T fives. All of those're really hot they are about 450 Watts. I was able to exchange those out one to just one with a an LED that pulls 2 hundred 2 hundred watts. So it's half less than half I just we simply grow 24 hours a day. We don't we do not. We never switch the lights off and I motel 6. Alright, it is constantly on we've been running those lights for six years now, non stop 24 hours 1 day, I have never changed a bowl, however, I have never had touching them. So it's a major advance, without yeah! It's just the technology, I mean we are moving into a Star Trek planet as far as growing. So let me ask you this. I type of off the subject matter, but where does your passion lies? Is it in growing or could it be in technology? It really is both the the the thing that truly excites me has been in a position to simulate nature, also to do that, you have to know how nature you would like to play. I like to read God's mind: okay, that is what God's carrying out and light it is really fascinating. The relationship between light and plants - it's it's based on evolution. It'S based on certain species of plants, the native habitat of theirs, that is the manner they use light depending on where they evolved. A quite interesting point. You realize a lot of individuals think Oh, an excellent grow light, the more it looks as the Sun, the better results you are gonna get. although the trouble is that is not true. We are able to do studies plants, don't utilize anything in the green and yellow and that is the fundamental middle section of the sunlight of photosynthesizing they are. Using all of the photosynthesis happen in the blues as well as the red very little is taking place in the middle, so an HPS light. It'S got a great deal of right. It'S got a great deal of reds that quite a few yellow and green received a considerable amount y'all in green. for this reason about half of that light is you the place does not even waste it, although it has got enough red, which means you get pretty good yield with this. I can dial it exactly the amount of red I want. I might scratch out all the greens yellows and to me it for me. It's a fascinating question. Effectively, why do not plants use the middle spectrum of the light it is essentially the most being sold? Effectively, why do not they often use that? Plus it is interesting because for a billion years you only have germs, it is growing in the ocean and that's where photosynthesis evolved. They photosynthesize the yellow and green light, although they blocked everything light from things lower in the ocean and more complex plants evolved a few for lower. The only thing that got through was red and blue vector. Those are the plants which eventually moved on to land evolved late and don't regained the ability to photosynthesize of those spectrums. So it's roasting, so an Black Dog Led is the sole technology we will when you realize that I can play God a bit of bit and I could quite possibly take full advantage of the perfect development most desirable yield with the very least electrical energy. The ecological answer, no bulbs to change and you'd bulbs are they're rich in methane in the bite yeah. Thus for us this's this's the most effective solution plus leaf? In fact, that's protocol dial in panels. That's awesome. This will control up to a 1000 lights. So it's so really created for commercial operations without totally interrupting you. I have been to your center, and also I was really happy with the merchandise and and in the tasks that you're working on I mean I was blown out with the quality also and I have preferred a number of people for you because of the products of yours are superior. Craig furthermore has a high-end cloning nursery. It is been given the name greenhouse in Southern California here and and in case you actually need clones, I do not know whether they are allowed to reach you that California, no the nursery dot us the nursery dot us and then your Lighting's company is California. Light works, calm! Sure, Craig. Are you prepared to take um? Are you open to do you work with people? Would you consult to give somebody advice if they call the name they would like absolutely, we offer full consultant how to set up a grow room. Just how many lights you have to discuss what room we've to have guidance about nutritional requirements and increase room set up, because nutrient go through is a little bit different under LEDs compared to normal tree and some other lights. But we have total service, will be all included with the deal. And so beautiful, what could you say Craig is: is your end all mission statement in this in this? Where are you in terms of your overall agenda? What would you want to see take place in this world and exactly how do you want to effect that the outcome? Effectively, obviously, we want LED technology to change these other really inefficient technologies. I would say in general, nevertheless, I think long term, as things get legitimate and people are able to grow out in the open. Green house is the method to go because you are able to use so much Sun as you can. Outdoor has limitations, indoor, really energy, intensive and green greenhouse. You are able to get the very best of both worlds, although you still need a supplement. You use the Sun pretty much as practical. You need to add to with artificial lighting also. Leds are perfect for which. So I think a major grow operation using green house with supplemental LEDs that can climb and down with a Sun, that's brilliant! What is the price of a device this way, these sell for about? It'S brand new we're launching this ownership at right after 4th of July weekend. These're new telephone system. There there will be aproximatelly 700 bucks all right, therefore there you have it guys. If you are able to get 100,000 social media views, he will offer you a free lighting system. Generally there you go reach out to Craig Adams, you guys this's an amazing. Guy he is doing amazing things he his wife are an amazing couple, and - and thank you much Craig - all right we are down here. Thank you. Everything else you'd love to include that's great thanks for having guys move

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