Aroma ARC-616SB Rice Cooker - Rekindling The Childhood Memories Of House Kitchen And Family Time

The scent of freshly cooked rice can please even the most pickiest food eater. I can't forget the subtle suggestion of steamed rice emanating from my mom's kitchen. Even, now, I'd like to linger on that flavor and long for it like anything. I am not the one who wants a lavish meal each day, but a plate of hot steaming rice with simmering beef stew can mesmerize me like anything.

Being equipped using a steam tray, the cooker works as a 2-layer cooking device with provisions for cooking rice in the bottom while your vegetables will soon be steamed up in the upper storey. The device boasts 8 different cooking settings to get a variety of rice either white rice or brown rice and have options for oatmeal, soups, and cake preparations. The keep warm function keeps the dish warm until the unit is unplugged or the dish is served, therefore saving the lack of moisture and nourishment as it happens when the cooked food is reheated. The'saut then simmer function' offers high heat for browning while sauting, plus it automatically changes to simmer mode with the addition of stock or another liquid. The cooker also boasts the feature of 15-hour timed delay for serving hot steaming rice only when wanted.

The device is streamlined and refined in look. Robust stainless steel finish with silver and black colored outsides aesthetically combines with any kitchen subject. With dimensions of 14 x 10.8 x 8.9 inches and weight of not more than 6.2 pounds, the appliance is perfect to be used on the service counter or on the buffet table and can also be taken along if you don't want to miss your favourite food on the go. If you cherished this article and you would like to obtain additional details pertaining to kindly visit our website. Furthermore functioning as an all in 1 device, the cooker comes with every one of the necessary accessories like steam tray, rice measuring cup, and serving spatula for instant use.

Pros as well as Cons

Best low-cost fuzzy logic rice cooker. Sensor Logic technology for auto regulation together with assistance from an onboard microcomputer that acts as the brain of these devices.
Multifunctional with built in alternatives for various cooking techniques.
Easy-to-clean with removable dishwasher safe interior pot as well as other nonelectric accessories.
The single hitch is that the delay characteristic, of the cooker, works just on rice settings, not on oatmeal along with alternatives.

Aroma rekindles the youth memories of home kitchen and family time. The multifunctional rice cooker amazes me first with its technologically-sophisticated cooking power and second with its amazing easy on the pocketbook cost. It's actually astonishing to get this kind of extraordinary apparatus with loads of inbuilt progressive attributes in the dime of a dozen. By and large, the cutting edge technology and the gratification offered by Aroma is unsurpassable.

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