Article Submission Guidelines

Article Submission/Editorial Guidelines

The following guidelines serve to assist you in properly submitting your articles to, thereby saving you and us time and energy. It will help you understand what we accept and what we do not accept.

1. Article Submission

a. Submitting your articles to us is free.

b. We only accept articles that are written in English. Please do not submit articles that are written in other languages to us, as they will be deleted with a click of the "mouse".

c. Before submitting your article, please make sure that your article is not already submitted.

d. Submitting multiple copies of the same article using different titles, or with only slight modifications is strictly forbidden, as we do not want more than one copy of the same article in our database.

e. Submit to only ONE relevant category per article. Submitting the same article to multiple categories is not allowed and will result in ALL your articles being removed, and in extreme and repeated cases, banned from future submission.

f. If you are an author's employee submitting the article on behalf of the author, you must submit the article as if it was submitted by the author herself, using the author's name and email address.

g. If you are a virtual assistant or contractor who manages multiple authors/clients, you may create the authors' name under your member account, and submit the articles on behalf of the authors from your member account using the authors' name.

2. Article Content

For your article to be accepted and published at, the article (including the Author Resource Box):

a. Must be original and authored by you. Articles that are ghost-written or bought are acceptable only if you are the ONLY ONE who has sole and full copyrights to it.

b. Must be informative. Your article should serve to educate and inform rather than just a promotional piece.

c. Must be grammatically correct. Articles that are full of grammatical errors will not be accepted.

d. Must not be offensive. Articles must not promote hate, racism, advocacy against any individual, group, or organization, pornography, adult, or mature content, hacking/cracking.

e. Must not include illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia content.

f. Must not include gambling or casino-related content.

g. Must not include content of programs that compensate users for clicking on ads or offers, performing searches, surfing websites, or reading emails.

h. Must not include excessive, repetitive, or irrelevant keywords in the content.

i. Must not include sales or promotion of weapons or ammunition (e.g., firearms, fighting knives, stun guns).

j. Must not include sales or promotion of beer or hard alcohol.

k. Must not include sales or promotion of tobacco or tobacco-related products.

l. Must not include sales or promotion of prescription drugs.

m. Must not include sales or promotion of products that are replicas or imitations of designer goods.

n. Must not include sales or distribution of term papers or student essays.

o. Must not include any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal and/or offensive activities.

p. Must not contain direct affiliate links. Please see section 4 below for more details.

q. Must not contain direct download links. Articles with direct download links to softwares, pdfs, .exe files are strictly forbidden.

r. Must not contain Popups. Links in the article must not activate popups when clicked.

s. Must not contain JavaScript’s. JavaScript’s in any form are not allowed.

t. Must not violate any Laws. Articles submitted must not infringe on trademarks, copyrights and anything that is against the Law.

3. Article Format

a. Title

i. The article title must be in Initial Caps, and not in all CAPITAL LETTERS.

ii. No Author Name, Company Name or Website Name/URL is allowed in the title.

iii. No HTML tags are allowed in the title.

iv. Do not put a "period" or "full-stop" at the end of the title.

b. Body

i. The article must be 400 words minimum and 1200 words maximum. The ideal article size to us is between 600 to 1000 words.

ii. Do not repeat the article title in the article body.

ii. Do not place any self-serving links (whether active or inactive) in the article body. We do, however, allow hyperlinks provided they are not self-serving but are for further reference and are non-commercial.

iii. Do not submit articles that are pre-formatted with excessive hard carriage returns such as articles that are preformatted to 60-65 characters per line. The article text should flow continuously and wrap naturally. The exception to this is when you are creating a new paragraph -- to effect a new paragraph, hit the "Enter" key twice to create a single line white space.

iv. The following HTML tags are allowed in the article body:

v. The following HTML tags are disallowed in the article body:

c. Author Name and Alternate Author Names (Pen Names)

In order to submit articles, you will first need to create an Author Name or Alternate Author Name. This serves as your public profile and identifies you as the author of the article.

i. Your Full Author Name

ii. Alternate Author Names (Pen Names)

You can create your Author Name/Alternate Author Names by logging into your member's account.

d. Website Links (Also see Section 4 below for additional information)

i. Only a maximum of three links (active and inactive) of websites that you own, control or have an interest in, are allowed per article. Anchor Text Links (HTML) are allowed.

ii. Links MUST be formatted in the following manner, for example:

Your Text Link Here and/or

iii. Double check to ensure that you use the normal apostrophes
" " in the href statements as shown, and NOT the slanted ones generated by MS Smartquotes, otherwise your links will NOT be active when published.

iv. Do Not include any title and/or font attributes in the href statements.

v. Do not include or point more than one link to the same webpage/url. If you do so, we reserve the rights to remove the additional links, decline or delete your article.

vi. Redirect URLs like tinyurl and such are not allowed. You must use your own domain URLs for any redirection.

vii. The links are to be confined in the author resource box.

e. Article Summary

i. Every article must have an article summary. This serves as a brief overview of your article and is used for listing purposes.

ii. You may use the first paragraph of your article as the article summary if you do not know what to put in there.

iii. No blatant self-promotions is allowed in the article summary.

iii. No HTML in whatever form is allowed in the article summary.

iv. No Author Name, Company Name, Website Address and/or Email Address are allowed in the article summary.

4. Affiliate Programs

a. Affiliate Links

i. Do not include any direct affiliate links (for example, Click Bank hotlinks) in the article as it will be rejected.

If you are promoting affiliate programs via articles (these must be articles that you have 100% sole ownership and copyrights), you will need to use your own website link(s) and redirect it to your affiliate website. The link(s) cannot be placed at the body of the article; it must be strictly confined to the author resource box.

ii. Do not submit articles that are owned and copyrighted by so-called "Gurus" and substituting the link at the resource box with your affiliate URL. These articles will be rejected because you are not the author. Also, your account will be deleted if you are caught doing so.

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